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Ukrainian Born Yulia lives and works in London. It is a sunny winter day, and we are meeting for a walk in a busy Canary Wharf district. We catch up for a quick pre-Christmas Q&A, and Yulia looks cute as she pulls off the custom-made Merinowear vest in a cool-casual way.

  • How do you usually start your day?

         Usually, my day starts from a cup of strong espresso.

  • What do you wear to work?

         My daily style is rather casual than formal; I love cosy and warm essentials and also statement pieces in my wardrobe, especially in winter. 

  • The phrase of the moment? 

       Enjoy every single day; it will never repeat. 

  • What was the most unique gift Santa Claus has ever given to you?

         Can't remember anything, mainly, it's more about the positive emotions that I get when receiving or giving presents. 

  • Your perfect Christmas morning?

          It's a very late one when you don't need to rush anywhere. 

  • What do you wish this Christmas?

         To have the opportunity to travel again!

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Meet Yulia Bohoslav

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  •  We love your style, does the love of fashion run in your family?

Thank you, dear! I'm really pleased to hear that. I was born and grew up in a family consisting of the women - my granny, mother and aunt. Like in a typical Odessa family, they were taking much care of me. I credit my style to my mom who was teaching me how to dress since I was a baby. Surely, style is about the spirit inside, not clothes! But certainly - accessories play an important role in outfit/look.

  • JoyOfMissingOut or PARTY HARD when the lockdown is over?

Firstly, I want to go to a restaurant and eat something extraordinary. I love cooking, but I am a little bit tired of having food only at home. Also, I have a tradition - to eat out on Friday night or to have lunch out during the weekend, for example. I want to put on a silk dress, jewellery and feel more womanly. Yes, a party is also a good idea because I love good music and to dance until mornings.

  • Your fashion motto?

A Classic Is timeless.

  • Your new year resolution?

To live without a bad mood! I am going to read a lot of books which I haven't touched in school! Finally, it is a true desire)

  • In 3 words, what did you learn in 2020?

To live happy now.

  • Your, next destination?

Somewhere warm?!:) I am waiting for Bali islands to open. I truly need a vacation, more emotions, inspiration, a new sensation, Vitamin D, ocean, sunsets. If tourism is not back this year – Odessa (Ukraine) is an amazing option for summertime.


Marharyta Karachynskaya

Marharyta, splits her life between fashion, modelling, advertising and lives beetween Odessa and Kiev. We are speaking on life in 2021, and Musya, as friends call her, looks fantastic in a bespoke MERINOWEAR vest made of natural, matt finish leather.

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